To Deeper Sorrow

by To Deeper Sorrow

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released May 5, 2014

All musics and lyrics by Simone L.
Arranged by To Deeper Sorrow
Recorded, mixed and mastered by T.D.S.
logo, artwork and layout by Helios Pu
cover picture by Carmelo Cammarata
Executive producer: Il Male Production


all rights reserved



Il Male Production Bologna, Italy

Il Male (The Evil) Production is an independent underground label devoted to the promotion of the most valuable underground bands of italian and international metal scene.

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Track Name: Divided by bloodlines
a fist will clash with thunder
this wasted land
to betray the soldiers
with a war of rats
to bring new pestilence
to clean the false untors
with dark-red blood
dark age darkening
because of innocence
to be crucified,
to make a change of view
from preachers to killers
to enslave you
lost is the feeling
lost is the hope
europe start the freezing
under the black oath
Track Name: No peace before a storm of war
rule this town for 1000 years
a world built with our blood
enemies of southern lands
we now wait inside,
we are fortified
trumpets cry and drums of doom
beat the heart of earth
we prepare the defence offensive
now the sky is blood again
mighty as the tower
mighty to the end
felsina capta est
and we’re dead!
Track Name: Nes (the graveyard)
farewell i’m reaching out
the flames of moonlight
dead my body,
i walk to the end
spirits! my fathers guide me
to the graveyard
stone by stone,
this tomb by tomb
down keep my faith
nes rasna
graal hynthial
nes rasna
i am dead
Track Name: Throne of the overlords
suddenly this landscape is lost
covered by a sea of blood
the sky, a mirror braked in two
with million pices falling down
they cut my flash
they cut my soul
perforing the ground
and down below
to reach the core
of this old earth
this rotten earth
that spills black blood
from blue to gray
from white to black
colors lose their force of being
the lynph of world becoming sick
the sickness of the end
coldness and darkness
surround me
reaching for the final grasp
an hole of void i must escape
to reach the throne
of the overlords
storm of the end
winds of the dead
proud i will stand to see them all
storm of the dead
winds of the end
proud i will stand
to see their throne

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